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The Eyes Are On Fire

Edward Norton on the set of Fight Club, 1999. 
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someone told me once that shooting stars are really just angels throwing away their cigarettes before God could catch them smoking

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who taught you
that the
value of a woman
is the ratio
of her waist
to her hips
and the circumference
of her buttocks
and the volume
of her lips?
Your math
dangerously wrong
her value
nothing less

‘Greater than’ by Della Hicks-Wilson  (via kiteamuncher)

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i feel like van gogh would have been the kind of guy to put no tear shampoo in his eyes because he thought it would make the tears stop

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Bowie looks classy as fuck in his mug shot!
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On June 11th 1963, Thích Quảng Đức, a Vietnamese Buddhist monk, sat down in the middle of a busy intersection in Saigon, covered himself in gasoline and He then ignited a match, and set himself on fire. Đức burned to death in a matter of minutes, and he was immortalized in a famous photograph taken by a reporter who was in Vietnam in order to photograph the war. All those who saw this spectacle were taken by the fact that Duc did not make a sound while burning to death. Đức was protesting President Ngô Đình Diệm’s administration for oppressing the Buddhist religion.
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*dabs grease off pizza with a paper towel* I’m eating healthy

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